Boycott Dell Event

Boycott DellLooks like another group of motivated people are out to air what they believe to be Dell’s dirty laundry…

Starting Monday April 2nd, a group known as “Boycott Dell” are going to protest at the Round Rock Dell Campus from 8:00 am – 6 p.m.

They are boycotting because they feel that they received poor quality machines and then did not receive resolution to their issues via Dell customer service.

Like Dell or not, they certainly are having “issues” with their customer relations.

Read on for the maniacal press release from Boycott Dell…

Boycott Dell
Protest All Week at Round Rock Dell Campus 8:00am To 6:00PM
Feel free join us and let your voice to be heard. Start Monday April 2nd

Why Boycott Dell Computer Company? Bad Computer, Bad Customer Support
We are Non-profit Organization and Campaigning to Promote Boycott of Dell Computer Company and encourage all American people to become active part of our cause and post their bad experience and complaint against Dell Company in our Website and forum so your voice can be heard.

Dell is a bad business not only for Texas but United States of America, the reason I got motivated to start our boycott Dell campaign because I got tired dealing with unprofessional customer support and services. Over the past eight months I had one of the worse experiences with Dell Computer Company. I was abused, Hang up, called liar and interrogated by incompetent Customer Service and support because of issue and problem with my notebook. The last fellow I tried to talk was person by the name of “Nation Laster” who works in the customer resolution center at Round Rock Campus , basically he told me My way or Highway his phone Ext:(7268446) don’t try to call that fellow he will send you to Dell hell. We don’t wish this happen to you so think twice before purchase any products from Dell.
Why Dell went from Best to Worst and what went wrong?
• Greed
• Outsource of the American Jobs for Cheap Labors overseas
• Cultural and Communication Barrier of Customer Service oversea
• Use of cheap parts

Greed always comes and bite you back ,CEO and upper management of Dell got cute went wrong in all area, tried to be penny saver, brought the Dell’s value from upper fifty to Lower twenty more then 50% lost in company’s value . In addition shut down all customer service centers in United States and went Far East for cheaper labors.

Fight Back and Win:
One thing we learned through our research, Dell look at you as a individual customer and to them you are insignificant therefore will try blame you for your broken PC or Notebook in any way and eventually try to push you away and make you to give up. Unfortunately many of us give up easy and go away because lots of us have no knowledge whatsoever about Computer.

It is imperative that we become united and as a united force stand against Dell and let our voice to be heard, be assure that you will get respond then, because now they have attention of thousands we as customers became significant and noticeable.

Moreover it is our pledge to organize more protest in heart of Dell Company at Round Rock Texas Campus location, and invite our fellow American to these rallies. As a non-profit organization we ask you that please participate in our protest and rallies.

The date of protest will be posted in our website and forums please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have further questions.

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