Download Fusion Table CSV outside Fusion Table interface

I have been doing some work lately using Google Fusion Tables and it is an extremely cool tool.

I have been taking data from a Fusion Table and putting it into a table view (and other chart types) using Google Chart Tools to visualize the data on another site.

To be as transparent with the data as possible, I am linking back to the raw data on Fusion Tables, but I also wanted to offer a direct CSV download. This would enable me to not force users to go to Fusion Tables and find the “Export” option to download the data they wanted.

Seems simple, but the export functionality is triggered in the Fusion Tables interface via JavaScript, so the link was obscured a bit. With some modest detective work, I found out how to externally as a Fusion Table for a CSV file…


Hope this might help buy someone a few minutes of their life back in the future.

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